Best Selling Photography - Types/Kinds of Photos That Sell and Why?
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Best Selling Photography – Types/Kinds of Photos That Sell and Why?

Photographers often ask, what kind of photography sells the best? Depending on the type of photography service you offer, it is important to understand what sells and what doesn’t, in your niche. Understanding this will help you improve on your art, and consequently your sales to take your photography business to the next level.

Key to increasing sales is, understanding the psychology behind why people buy your service. Any seasoned marketer will tell you people don’t buy with logic. They buy with emotions. Connect emotionally with your audience, and selling/sales becomes just a side effect.

Let me explain.

Here are a few types of images that sell constantly:

  1. Iconic Locations
  2. Trees with Character
  3. Sun / Stars
  4. Amazing places

Now, this doesn’t mean all other types of photography don’t sell. Let’s just analyze the psychology behind why these sell.

Iconic Places Best Selling Photography- Types/Kinds of Photos That Sell and Why?

Iconic Locations

This is one of the best selling photography of all time. Taking a dramatic shot of iconic locations, the kind of angle or lighting that other photographers haven’t taken. Taking a HDR photo, or shooting during the golden hours of the day, will create a dramatic look. Photographers also try aerial photography to get a different angle of the location. The key factor is to create a emotional connection between the viewer and the photograph. Think of a new way to emotionally draw the viewer into the location of the photograph.

Unique Tree Best Selling Photography- Types/Kinds of Photos That Sell and Why?

Tree’s with Character

People like trees. Something about the organic shape of an old tree with a weird shape, intrigues people’s interest. The photo of a tree just pulls you into the location. Researches over the years have shown trees to symbolize endurance, strength, time, and age. Images, where trees are the main focus, are known to sell fast. A tree around your home or office with a unique shape, color, and character can fetch good money if you try selling it on a stock photography website.

Milky Way Stars Best Selling Photography- Types/Kinds of Photos That Sell and Why?

Sun / Stars

Pictures of sunsets and Milky way are almost always breath-taking. They create a space where the viewer feels drawn into the image. These photos of the sun or stars are still beyond the ability of a regular cell phone camera. So, taking a high quality HDR image of a sunset or the milky way is good idea for all you stock photographers.

Landscapes Best Selling Photography- Types/Kinds of Photos That Sell and Why?

Amazing Places

These are places that are not famous, but are amazing photographs. The best examples of these are landscape images that make you want to stop and imagine you were there. They draw the viewers into the image and soak up their attention for a while.

Why do These Kinds of Photographs Sell?

Let’s analyze what makes these images / photos so attractive.

The common traits that each one of these types of photographs have are:

  • Emotion
  • Organic / Unique


Hindsight is 20-20. Have you ever thought of some of the horrible decisions you have made, and asked yourself “What was I thinking?”

Fact is, you were not thinking logically .. .you are not alone. We do not notice this, but a lot of our decision making is influenced by our emotions. When you feel emotionally attached to a product or service, we make rash judgments. In that moment however, we will make up several logical reasons why it’s the right choice.

Which is why most of the big brands always try to sell emotions not the product. Examples of this are McDonalds, Coke-a-Cola, Johnson & Johnson .. .will almost always sell happiness in their commercials and print ads.

The reason being, once you influence your customer emotionally, it’s easier to convince them to buy your product or service. Marketers have been using this for decades.

Emotions create a sort of an environment for your thoughts to sit in. So, when your feel happy and excited, your thoughts are over-optimistic and fearless. Which is why, when we make decisions with excitement, very little of it has to do with logic.

Organic / Unique

The types of photographs discussed above have shapes created organically – mostly by nature. Trees, Milky Way stars, sun sets.. . all have organic shapes, making each photograph a little bit unique. It is this “uniqueness” that stands out for the viewer.

Going back to psychology behind it – our subconscious mind is constantly categorizing and sub-categorizing objects, experiences, people.. .in our lives. When things stand out from a regular pattern of life, they draw attention, and the subconscious mind has to then try to categorize the experience/object.

This is why people look for uniqueness when they are buying photos – especially from a gallery.

Photography: The Marketplace

Once you enter the photography marketplace it has to be more than an art form.

Like any other business you need to be able to replicate results, delivery a high quality product and provide reliable customer support.