Marketing and Retargeting Methods for a Photography Business
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Marketing and Retargeting Methods for a Photography Business

New clients and old clients are equally valuable for the growth of your photography business. The challenge for any business is where should you advertise? There are many channels for online marketing. Facebook, Google, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter to name a few. To start, choose two channels  where your customers hangout.

Here are some useful tips which photographers can use to market their services through marketing and re-targeting methods:

Convey a Clear Message

You should make three things clear in your message:

  • What are your strengths?
  • What advantages do you offer?
  • Why should they chose you over the competitors?
  • How satisfied are you previous clients?

It is not only the quality of photographs you take, but also the connection you make with the customer using marketing copy that will drive a successful marketing campaign.  We recommend you hire a professional copywriter with experience in marketing products and services similar to yours. You could also chose to learn to write marketing copy yourself, which will help you in writing copy for landing pages as well. (We will discuss landing pages further in this article)

Focus on SEO

Don’t be afraid it’s not rocket science. You can get enough information on YouTube about On-page SEO. Implement on-page SEO strategies on your website. It will save you a little bit of money that you can apply elsewhere in your marketing. Form that point on, you will need to hire a SEO company to take it further and ally get you ranking for the keywords that you need. depending on the niche you are in you may need a company that works on local SEO ranking.

Remember no one will contact you if you rank on the second page or more on Google. So, optimize your media campaigns and your portfolio so that you can rank on page 1, and get as much exposure as you can.

Niche Directories

Niche directory listings help you get exposure to new customers and authority. Customers searching for services often search the internet, and web directories show in the top positions. if your business is listed on a Photography web directory, you can expose your business to new business opportunities.

Additionally, some of these directories have rating and reviews on them. This is another great way to show your competence to potential customers.

Here’s one of the best photography web directories – click here.

Think of Cost Per Click

If you are using Google AdWords or any other CPC based advertising, you will be paying top dollar for each click on your Ad. Which means, you should make the most of that visit from a potential customer. Sell your service or product with really good marketing copy targeted toward the customer.

“Remember make decisions emotionally and then make up reasons why that decision was logical.”

This is where your copy writing skills will count. Create a seamless experience from Ad copy to Landing page.. to Call to Action.

You will have to make your ads targeted to the customer experience as it will reduce your cost per click, and increase your conversion rates. A good strategy is that you should complete all the sections of your ads in a step by step process.

Here are some suggestions to boost your ROI and lower your CPC:

Use Ad Groups

Use different Ad Groups for each service/Product. The ideal customer for each will most likely be slightly different from one another. Using different adgroup for each product or service will allow you to target customers for that exact product/service making your marketing more effective.

Avoid Highly Competitive Keywords

Use some low competitive keywords if you are just starting out, so that your ads are visible to your target audience. You may not get a lot of clicks, however, the clicks that you do get may have a higher chance of converting.

Create Landing Pages

A big mistake most beginners make is that all ads are linked to the home page of the website. Where visitors have no idea what to do. Make a short landing page dedicated to each campaign with one single motive or call to action which can help boost your conversions. Marketing copy you use on your landing page will play a major role in converting the potential customer. Try to collect the visitor’s email so you can send out a auto-responder email regarding your product or service. More on this lower in this article.

Copy Writing Matters

Don’t copy other competitor’s information and words; this thing can harm you a lot due to multiple factors. First, your audience may also have seen your competitor’s website and notice the same words. Write original content that creates a picture of your brand.

Secondly, Google will penalize your website if you plagiarize (copy content). You could copy the style or tone of writing. You should make sure you are writing for your targeted audience. Use simple words. As a rule, marketers always try to use words a six year old child would understand.

Data About Your Target Audience

Some portion of what makes Facebook so viable and important is the measure of data it has about you and me. They know who to target.

You can learn a lot about your audience from the Facebook Audience Insights tool. It makes promotions productive and successful. The reason is that you can be so exact in your advertisement and you can monitor/analyze and tweak your ads for better ROI. You can also run A/B tests and optimize your ads. This data will help you in your future targeting and re-targeting strategies.

Email Subscriber Re-targeting

Create a complete email list as this will be one of the most effective strategies which you can use to stay top-of-mind to your audience. You can send them promotional emails and keep past customers in the loop. This is a great low cost marketing strategy that brings in repeat business from old customers.

If used correctly, you can setup auto-responder sequences of emails for potential customers. This is a great set-it-and-forget-it marketing strategy.