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How to Name Your Photography Business?

Picking a name for your business can seem like a confusing, endless task that has countless moving parts.

It’s important to understand the psychology behind a business name. Be it for a photography business or any other business.  A lot of photography professionals, use their own names for their businesses. This is perfectly fine.

However, I’d like to offer some insight that might help make this task simpler and might even help you chose a business name that can turn into a brand.


A lot of photographers spend very little time naming their business. I may not be completely correct but is sure feels that way when you see 7 out of 10 photography businesses named with the first name or the last name + “Photography”. So John Doe would name his company “John’s Photography” or “John’Photography Studio”.

This works perfectly fine for small local businesses as clients expect to get from a single photographer. These businesses work fine as long as they are small businesses. They may have trouble scaling the business and hiring extra help. as soon as the photographer hires employees the photographer has to convince the customer that the quality of work will not change.  This issue of perceived quality is difficult to overcome when you expand your photography business.


Some photographers name their photography business with a name that represents their style or the niche of photography. These businesses have no problems scaling the number of people it hires and even the number of locations it has. It is not tied to a single photographer. As long as they maintain their style and quality of work, they can keep scaling.

That brings us to the real question.  .. how do I choose a brand-able name?

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A name everyone likes.

A name that will help you scale your business into a flourishing and recognizable brand.

A name that will establish you as a leader in your niche and help you differentiate yourself from an ocean of competitors.

Studies show that 77% of customers make purchases based on a brand name.

90% of them make purchasing decisions subconsciously, choosing products by brand names that evoke positive emotions.

Most people don’t realize this but we use brand names more often than we think we do. For example, when you have a head ache, ask for a Asprin; if you cut your finger, you ask for a Band-Aid. These brands have become synonymous with their product.

Branding allows you to expand your business, take on new photographers and broaden the types of photography your business does. This obviously helps increase customer audience and revenue. Try one of these sites to get ideas for your business name and They will also list domains that are available for your business name.

Make sure the name you choose can grow with your business over time.

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